LH Labs Demo Club

Are you a Geek Force member wanting to test out products before taking the plunge? The Demo Club is for you!

Our Demo Club gives you the ability to test our products, as well as products from our partners, before you plop down your hard-earned money. It's free to join and free to participate.

We have the following products to choose from:

  1. GO 1000
  2. GO IEM 100
  3. Lightspeed 10G USB, Std
  4. Lightspeed 10G USB, Split
  5. Lightspeed 2G cable
  6. Lightspeed 1G cable
  7. HiFiMAN HE-560
  8. HiFiMAN HE-400i
  9. Pulse X Infinity [Original Chassis]
  10. LPS4 [110/120V]
  11. GO V2 Standard
  12. GO V2 Infinity

The LH Labs Demo Club Rules are as follows:

Participants will need to be a member of Geek Force. Not a member? Register here today! It's easy and free to sign up :-)

Participants MUST have a shipping address within the USA. Apologies but LH Labs can not authorize international shipments for Demo Club program. (We are working with other vendors that accept international shipping addresses but not ready for roll out yet)

Participants will need to provide your full name, home address, email address and a phone number before you can participate. Failure to provide this info will result in you being removed from the Demo Club

LH Labs' representative will confirm and approve ALL applications and will notify the member accordingly which product queues they are registered for, and approximate number in the product queue.

Participants are responsible for paying shipping (and packaging if needed) when you send the product back to our facility. Products can only be shipped via UPS or FedEx with a tracking number. **Please not that the Pulse X Infinity and HiFiman Headphones will also require a signatureand insured value (which varies depending on product) when shipping. Please be aware shipping costs may be higher than initially expected. If you cannot budget for shipping AND insurance coverages the Demo Club may not be an option for you.

If there is any damage or the products are lost *while in transit with FedEx or UPS*, the sender will need to file and follow up the claim with the carrier.

You'll notice that we don't require a credit card to be on file in order for you to join the Demo Club. We're trusting that you'll borrow the unit, enjoy it, review it, and then ship it to the next person in line. Failure to abide by these rules could put into jeopardy the whole system. Don't be the person who ruins it for everyone else by not following these simple guidelines.

If there is any damage to product while in possession of member, the participant may be charged for up to full retail price of the product in question.

How the LH Labs Demo Club works:

Each member is allowed to be in a maximum of two (2) Product Loan Queues at one point in time.

Each Product Queue will be limited to 20 Members at a time (= 40 weeks of demos).

Each Product Demo will last no more than two (2) weeks. This provides adequate time for installation, feature exploration, listening sessions, compare and contrasts with existing audio gear. This strict time limit also allows more members to receive and demo the product in a quicker time frame.

There are NO excuses accepted about delays in shipping. Ship the product on time (or before) is the Golden Rule of the LH Labs Demo Club. Failure to adhere to the two week limit will result in member being removed from the Demo Club and or Geek Force and potential charges filed to the participant.

A representative of LH Labs will provide to each sender (via the email address you provide) the shipping address to return the unit.

The Sender will provide to the LH Labs Rep via email the tracking info when the product ships.

The receiver will notify the LH Labs Rep via email when the product arrives. The two week demo time starts upon receiving the product.

Once the product has shipped out, within one (1) week the Sending Member must provide an online review, outlining your experience/thoughts of how the Products sounds, or to what you compared the Product. http://lhlabs.com/demo-club/ ]

The review can be posted at any online audio forum, but additionally the URL must also be posted in the LH Labs Forum-->Demo Club Thread. This does not need to be a professional review, please write something which would be of value to the audio community. A list of associated or compared gear would be welcome.

Products being shipped remain the property of LH Labs, but each lender is responsible for payment to repair damage or replacement in case of loss or theft. Keep the product in “as new” condition and apply no paint, customizations or alterations to any product at any time. Additions and substation to the following list of rules and regulations to come. 

Have any further questions? Please feel free ask, we are here to help! :-)

just wondering, What are the rankings on the forums? I have no idea where my ranking situates me

Minion is 1 to 35 posts
Redshirt is 35 to 80 posts
Rouge commander is 80 to 250
Browncoat is 250 to 500
Sky Marshal is 500 and up

There two other ranks but those are secrets :lol: :lol: :lol:

Stephanie and/or Gina, I'd like to do an official review of Geek Out V2 for my site (I'm already a GO V1 customer by the way), should I go through this program or can someone hook me up directly? I would appreciate any pointers (I tried to find your official marketing/press email but failed miserably!).



Co-Founder/Chief Editor


Hi Alexander,

Great, please open a ticket so that we gather your information and get you set up :-)

Best Wishes,

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