Dear backers,

I got an update earlier today from a Kickstarter campaign that I backed two years ago. It announced that they will begin to ship their device later this month. It's not uncommon for me to back campaigns and then not think about them at all for a long, long time. It's also not uncommon for crowdfunding campaigns to take two years or more to deliver a product, especially complex ones.

When we launched Geek Wave, we didn't want it to take this long, and never imagined that it would. But almost a year after the original campaign ended, we haven't delivered Geek Wave yet. I want to take a little of your time to explain the reason and to let you know where we are.

Two major products from this campaign are being developed simultaneously: Wave and Source. Both have experienced setbacks beyond what we anticipated (ALL projects experience setbacks). R&D for both devices is almost done. Right now the major challenge is finishing AOS1 - our proprietary audio operating system. The OS itself is done. Now the user interface is being coded (both for the onboard screen and for the iOS/Android apps).

Source will be finished first, followed shortly by Wave.

There is still one major hurdle that we haven't been able to avoid: we still can't get the right storage chips for Wave 32 backers. Manny is reaching out to those people right now to talk about options.

When will be ship out Source and Wave? Shipments will happen in Q4 of this year.


 IEM-X Backers

 A lot of you are asking when your balanced IEM's will be delivered. As of now, the answer is "I'm not sure."


When we delivered the unbalanced version, welearned that the products that were manufactured for us (to our specification) did not meet the standard set by Larry and his team. The "golden sample" we listened to and measured was far superior to the final product. Further, the cabinet design that was made to our spec was sold to other companies without our knowledge. When this happened, we vowed that it wouldn't happen again to our IEM-X customers.

We've hired one of the best headphone designers in the world to help us to fix our mistake. He's helping us implement his improvements right now. Larry even took a late prototype to AP and had it measured (see the pic below). Once everything is set to go, we'll pull the trigger on manufacturing and will ship them out thereafter. We'll keep you updated as we move through the process. Sorry to say, it'll be a while longer yet.

Take care,


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