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Vi DAC vs. Geek Pulse

Vi DAC is a continuation of the development of Geek Pulse, so what's the difference is between the two?

Geek Pulse is a solid state DAC which has been optimized for desktop use. It has a directly accessible volume attenuation knob on its front panel, along with up to two headphone outputs. Because of space constraints, it has been built with a 12V DC power input, and can pair with our linear power supply, called Geek LPS.

Vi DAC is a versatile DAC that has been optimized for home stereo use; it fits perfectly into your audio furniture. Designed for use with a remote control, it comes in either a solid state or a hybrid solid state/tube configuration. With its elegant non-parallel wall design and bigger footprint than Geek Pulse, it takes its juice directly from either 120V or 240V AC power.

Technologically, Vi DAC is superior to Geek Pulse in the following ways, including others:

  • Vi DAC uses a 15V bi-polar power supply in its DAC module, compared to Geek Pulse' 12V power. 
  • The benefit is more headroom and 10% to 15% more power on the balanced headphone output. 
  • Additionally, Vi DAC has a slightly better power supply rejection ratio in the negative leg of the power supply.
  • Vi DAC features an optional tube buffer stage, making it the most versatile DAC on the market.Vi DAC features DSD Direct!Vi DAC Tube features TWO pairs of single-ended and balanced output from solid state and also another TWO pairs of single-ended and balanced output from 6922/6DJ8 tubes (with optional balanced out from tube circuit).

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