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Add-Ons for your Vi DAC Tube unit

Capacitor & Connector Exchange (CCX)

The Capacitor and Connector Exchange is a module that inserts into the back of Vi Tube DAC that allows you to swap out its output capacitors and connectors. Basically, it's tube rolling... except it's with caps and connectors instead of tubes. All you have to do is follow a simple procedure that we'll provide you with, and you can swap in your favorite output cap/connector combination anytime without affecting your warranty. 

We feel very strongly about CCX, and have decided to add it to every Vi Tube DAC. It increases our cost, but doesn't affect your price. No matter which configuration of Vi Tube DAC you've chosen, CCX will be included.


      Future Upgradeable

With CCX, your Vi Tube DAC is completely upgradeable. If you don't want to commit to additional modules now, you can do it later. The only risk is that the price for each module will be higher later.

·       User Serviceable
CCX modules are easily swapped in and out. All you have to do is power down your Vi Tube DAC, remove four screws, pull out one module, insert another, replace the four screws, and power up.

      Eight CCX Options

         CCX #1: Included

Standard Single-ended Configuration—This module comes standard with your Vi Tube DAC. It features Wima film capacitors and Switchcraft RCA connectors.

      CCX #2

Standard Balanced Configuration—This module includes everything in the standard module plus a pair of Swedish-made Lundahl balanced output transformers and a pair of Neutrik XLR output connectors. Backers of the Vi Tube Balanced Out Upgrade perk will receive this module, in addition to the CCX #1 module, automatically.

      CCX #3

Mundorf MCap Evo SilverGold. Oil Single-ended Configuration—This module features a pair of Mundorf EVO - Silver / Gold + OilFilm Capacitors! Our listening tests reveal a very transparent sound. It's a very "precise-sounding" capacitor for the kind of audiophile that enjoys a more "Spectral/Wilson" experience.

      CCX #4

Mundorf MCap Evo SilverGold. Oil Balanced Configuration—This balanced module takes CCX #3, and adds a pair of Swedish-made Lundahl balanced output transformers and a pair of Neutrik XLR output connectors, bringing the noise floor even lower for a clearer image and more defined soundstage.

      CCX #5

Jupiter VT Series Film Single-ended Configuration—Jupiter VT caps are known to be very sweet in the middle, which produces a classically warm, tube sound. Tube rollers will love this one.

        CCX #6

Jupiter VT Series Film Balanced Configuration—This module takes the Jupiter VT silky sound, and lowers the noise floor with a pair of Lundahl balanced output transformers and Neutrik XLR output connectors.


      CCX #7

V-Cap TFTF + Cardas Single-ended Configuration—This capacitor is known to be a magnifier of the strengths and weaknesses of the entire signal chain. According to Larry, this is the best overall capacitor for this system. You'll find that the soundstage will widen, heighten, and deepen, providing a much more intimate experience with your music. Next, we've added Cardas "Thick" female connectors made of brass and plated with rhodium and silver. Our experience is that this connector, in comparison to our standard Switchcraft connector, helps to provide a cleaner sound in the lower frequencies.


      CCX #8

V-Cap TFTF + Cardas Balanced Configuration—This model adds Lundahl balanced output transformers to the CCX #7 module. It also employs Cardas Gold XLR connectors. We use these connectors in our flagship products: Da Vinci and Sire DAC's. We think they're the best XLR connectors on the market.

Have any further questions? Please feel free to open a ticket, the Customer Happiness Team will be happy to assist you. :-)