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What is Vi DAC?

Vi DAC is a high performance digital to analog converter, or DAC, that connects to your home stereo. Like its creators, it does things a little differently.




A DAC is a device that converts digital data into glorious, analog audio. Not all DAC's are created equal, and this one really has no equal. Completely crowd-designed by our Geek Force

Vi DAC uses a fully balanced architecture throughout its entire circuit, which results in the best noise rejection possible, and is the most natural way to cancel distortion. In addition, it uses a dual mono design, implementing dual ESS Sabre DAC chips, a dual separated power supply and a dual analog output stage.




Vi DAC's versatility is unmatched. It features five digital inputs: one USB, one TOSLINK, one AES/EBU, and two S/PDIF. It outputs your analog music in two different ways. First, it has two headphone outputs on the front panel. One 1/4" single-ended output, and one four pin XLR balanced output. Second, it outputs at line level through one pair of RCA single ended outs and one pair of XLR balanced outs. If you choose Vi DAC Tube, you'll get another pair of single-ended RCA outputs through the tube buffer stage. Additionally, if you choose the balanced tube output option, you'll get another pair of balanced XLR outputs.

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