New Chassis Update!

Hello everyone,

I'm delighted to let you know that the latest revision of the Pulse "2.0" chassis has been approved for production by Larry, which means that we're in the final stretch of getting the remaining Geek Pulse Infinity units shipped out to you. Here's what it looks like in comparison with the Pulse "1.0" chassis.

On a side note, I'm proud of Brody from our mechanical engineering team! Pulse 2.0 is the very first project I gave him that was all his own. I gave him some requirements and he worked with Juha and Kayla to come up with solutions. He chased everything down from beginning to end.

The first problem he solved was that of simple manufacturability. Pulse 1.0, while a simple-looking design, is both difficult and expensive to make. It requires a lot of material to be removed from the aluminum faceplate. The machining and extra material cost way too much in terms of time and money. Until we found Brody, we didn't have the ability to solve this major problem.

Brody addressed this issue using simple attachment points with standard hardware. The inner part of the chassis is made from bonderized steel, which won't corrode and provides better shielding than aluminum. The outer part is made from aluminum that is bead-blasted and anodized a semi-gloss black. Everything is laser cut, and there are no complex bends in the metal. This means it can easily be manufactured by many different vendors with very little variance, making it much easier to scale up.

The next problem we had was that we wanted to use one chassis (with minor tweaks and mods) for all of our Pulse series products. Pulse 2.0 can accommodate Pulse DAC, LPS, LPS4, HPA, PTP, PPA, Blue, etc. Our future retail offering will hugely benefit from Brody's hard work.

Last is the problem of being able to flash the firmware of the "Matrix" control PCB. The solution comes from a removable and interchangeable top plate that, when removed, reveals a SD card slot that our customers can use to update firmware.

I hope you all like the new chassis! All you Infinity backers who've been waiting for your Pulse won't have to wait too much longer. Diana's team continues to ship out other units each week, as well. Those who backed during the original two campaigns are 85% delivered as of Monday afternoon. Those who backed during Forever Fudning/InDemand are 25% delivered. I'm told by Diana that all Pulse campaigns will be 100% delivered by November. I'm looking forward to that, as I'm sure you are.

Take care,


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