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Why can't I unsubscribe from Gavin Fish's emails?

I'd love if that was possible. Please go ahead and unsubscribe me from all emails from LH Labs and include an unsubscribe link in the future.

Forum emails / random marketing emails / the whole lot - REMOVE ME

Hi Alan, 

I created a ticket for you so that I may further assist you :-)

Best Wishes,


In order to comply with the EU Data Protection Act (for all your fans in the EU), any marketing material sent out to EU customers should have an 'unsubscribe' facility, that unsubscribers customers' email address from all Marketing databases. Of course, the implementation can be done by hand, by 'ticket' etc. Failure to comply means complaints to the Information Commissioner, who can apply fines against repeat offenders.
By I'm sure, as marketing professionals, you know all this.
Best Wishes,


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