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GEEK wave 64

Hi, I bought a perk geek wave 64. I have still no information about when and how I will recieve it. Could anyone please let me know.

There is nothing wrote about the geek wave 64 on this site.

Hi Peter! 

Thank you for your inquiry. I have converted your post into a support ticket to easier access your information. I will contact you through ticket # 12007. 



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That is my question too.  Any info I find I find confusing

Yes, I would think that many of us are out here wondering about what and, especially, when we might actually hold something in our hands. By the end of the year several manufacturers will have made available products equal to or even superior to these Wave devices.


You can find up to date information on the Wave Indiegogo Campaign site:

The current estimation on when the Wave will ship is in the 4th Quarter of this year.

let me get this right 4th quarter of 2 years ago

C'mon - where is this product? It's epically late. When will we get them?

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