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Master Quality Authenticated (MQA)

The audiophile world is keen on the new MQA lossless codec. It does seem to offer some significant advantages, so much so that I can't image purchasing a DAC without MQA capability.. Will MQA support be offered as an option on the Geekout V2 series?  

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MQA is gaining critical mass. I too am keen to know what this means for the VI DAC. 

Any ETA on MQA firmware for the GO V2 series? 

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Updates were promised about this at least two months ago. Have I missed them? Certainly there must be something you can tell us.

I'm unaware of any timelines on the V2 series MQA update. I'll ask and report back if I hear anything. 

Hi, Any idea when we can have the possibility to get the firmware to decode MQA files in our Pulse, GO and VI DAC?
I can not believe that after so many years, LH still has problems with their customers.


LH Labs not on the list

The MQA team will be based in the Hi-Res Audio Pavilion, located in the largest and busiest area of the convention centre (Central Hall #14735).

Mike Jbara, MQA CEO, states, “There are now more than 100 MQA-enabled products and services in the market, and we’re excited to be driving conversations around improving the consumer experience, both at CES as well as other key events throughout 2018.  We are particularly pleased with how our label partners have incorporated MQA's tools into their day-to-day production processes, enabling the availability of their catalogues and new releases.  This year will see explosive growth in terms of the completeness of both catalogue and new release music in MQA.”

MQA’s CEO will be chairing a discussion focusing on the lifestyle trends and latest technology developments that are shaping consumer experience.  “Music Streaming Is Only The Beginning” will take place at the Hi-Res Audio Pavilion (LVCC #14735) on Wednesday 10 January 2018, (11:00–11:30).  Mike will be joined on the panel by: Andy Hood, Head of Emerging Technologies (AKQA), Brad Serling, Founder & CEO (, and Geir Skaaden, EVP & Chief Products & Services Officer (Xperi).

MQA Music Services & Mobile

In addition to MQA music availability on TIDAL, Onkyo Music, e-onkyo, HIGHRESAUDIO and 2L’s store, expansion continues with the launch of Groovers, the Korean hi-res music service, who are the first streaming service to showcase MQA on mobile.  In association with LG, Groovers is offering a 3-month free promotional trial in Korea until 31 March 2018 for LG V30 smartphone owners, the world’s first global MQA-enabled handset., the home of live music from iconic touring artists such as Pearl Jam, Bruce Springsteen, Metallica, Phish, and Dead & Company, continues the expansion of MQA on mobile with the first ever iOS implementation of MQA, as part of the HiFi streaming service.  From 10 January 2018, HiFi tier subscribers will be able to enjoy native MQA playback of thousands of full-length concerts on iOS devices.  

MQA Music Players

Roon Labs is the latest software partner to announce integrated MQA support for its award-winning music player.  Roon’s desktop software will support local MQA file playback, as well as TIDAL MQA streaming for HiFi subscribers.

Roon now joins MQA software partners Amarra and Audirvana, who both continue to work on their Windows implementation of MQA.  Audirvana Plus for Windows 10 will be released by end of January 2018, enjoying the same feature levels as Audirvana Plus for Mac, and benefiting additionally from a totally redesigned user interface.

MQA Playback

Playback adoption continues with launches of Esoteric's N-01 Network Audio Player, the Oppo UDP-205 Blu-ray Disc Player, and Meridian's 251 Powered Zone Controller; announcements by both Sonore* and Metrum Acoustics* of an MQA upgrade option across their product ranges; dCS adding MQA integration to their Vivaldi One, in addition to the recently announced MQA-enabled Rossini DAC; as well as an MQA upgrade for iFi's Nano iDSD BL.

There will be multiple opportunities to experience MQA music via our many partners based on the Hi-Res Audio Pavilion and in the Venetian, including AudioQuest, Bluesound, dCS, LG, Mytek, NAD, Onkyo, Pioneer, Pro-ject, Sony and Technics.  

Why is LH Labs not on the list?

When will we receive a straight and up-to-date answer about MQA compatibility on ALL LH products -- DACs and the Source?

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