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Master Quality Authenticated (MQA)

The audiophile world is keen on the new MQA lossless codec. It does seem to offer some significant advantages, so much so that I can't image purchasing a DAC without MQA capability.. Will MQA support be offered as an option on the Geekout V2 series?  

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Hi Will

Although unavailable now, we've looked at the spec, and think we can support it in the future with a firmware update.

Gina Stewart

Customer Happiness

LH Labls

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Hi, This can be very interesting. Does this apply to other LH dacs such as Pulse?

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The latest issue of The Absolute Sound includes a column by Robert Harley updating information on MQA. Has there been any progress or further thinking about incorporating this into Source. What about that firmware upgrade for Pulse?

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We are working to include MQA support. Once finalized and licensed, a firmware will then be released.

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I am the owner of the superb Pulse Fi and my original order included 26 pulses for members of the Audio-Video Club of Atlanta (A-VCOA). Many of us in that group are very interested to know if the Pulse series will be included in this MQA firmware support?.

Another very interested customer here.  I have two Pulse Infinity DACs, and would be very happy to beta test with one of them (hint).  ;)

I am still waiting for delivery of my Pulse unit with Infinity upgrades; starting with an original campaign order back in October, 2013 and chasing after the (confusing) upgrade path through 2014.   

Despite the forum concerns, last fall I again chose an option and further delays with the new chassis so I am still waiting for delivery, as of May 2016. 

-- --  Like a fine wine, I hope it improves over time,  but don't hold your breath for MQA while waiting in line.

I am with Dale on this profoundly stupid journey - what is wrong with this organisation - promise after promise broken - it is not curing cancer - just a circuit board  - I have had a PSU for about 2 years - not sure if it even works 

hope it is not old tech by the time we get it ....

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I was initially interested in MQA because of the hype. I recently heard a very boring and lame demo by the MyTek DAC folks and concluded that MQA is a scam. No one understands it or can explain it in layman's terms. Is it Lossless or lossy? No one knows? My personal favorite DAC producer is Benchmark and they also have concluded that MQA is a scam. It is also a backdoor DRM.

Time to move on from this nonsense.


Clearly there are different views about MQA. I hope that LH is still planning to offer what Gina referred to six months ago.

"We are working to include MQA support. Once finalized and licensed, a firmware will then be released."

Please advise where that stands.


A-VCOA will be having a demo and presentation on MQA from Meridian America (Tech Center here in Atlanta) this coming Saturday. If you are in this area you are welcome to attend. We expect to know more about MQA after this session. Anyone on this string is welcome, but please call me to confirm.


Saturday, Aug 20, 2016, 12:00 PM until 6:00 PM


1165 Allgood Road Suite 12
Marietta, GA 30062


Additional Info:



John Morrison



Field Trip

Registration is Not Required

Payment In Advance Only

There will be three, two hour sessions from:
12N-2P, 2P-4P, and 4P-6P. Please do not all come at one time!! We may have to institute a registration process to prevent overcrowding at each session.

What I understand about MQA, after reading Robert Harley's article, the MyTek website, and the Meridian website is that the original ADC process introduces artifacts into the digital file that were not in the original recording. The fact that LHLabs has two or more digital filters in their products directly addresses the desire to prevent these artifacts from reaching your ears.

MQA is supposed to be able to produce a digital file without any of these artifacts, which means that this new ADC process does not ADD anything to the audio stream.

Harley goes on to say that an MQA digital file is better than listening to the original analogue record. This is where he lost me. The analogy he used was that it listening to the original analogue was like looking at a painting protected by glass and that listening to an MQA digital file was like being able to remove that glass and look directly at the painting. This implies that there is something else in the original recording that is an artifact of the process that created it and it is best to remove it.

I'm still lost on that but like most things I come across, it takes a few reads before I fully get it.

I'm looking forward to this because I like to stream from Tidal and they have been identified by Meridian as an early adopter of MQA, but there is no way to identify which tracks are encoded this way and I don't have a device to decode it anyways.

Warner Music recently made their catalog available for this encoding and that's a lot of music. I'm interested in seeing what is announced regarding the support of MQA after the first of next year. I would think that there could be more info at CES and T.H.E Show, for example

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Tidal just updated their desktop app to support MQA through their "MASTER" quality setting. I'm testing it now using my Geek Out (v1). I have to use software processing of the MQA, otherwise it is being reverted back down to 44.1khz.

Any update on if/when the Geek Out or Pulse Dacs will get native MQA support?

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