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Settings for Geek Pulse Standard with Jriver v.20 and Windows 8.1

Hi all I just installed Geek Pulse Standard, got the right driver 2.23, and downloaded Jriver MC V.20. In the LH Labs instructions it states set Audio device to WASAPI. I thought in order to get the best sound ASIO should be used. 

I want all music to play in DSD or DoP letting Jriver do all the conversions. 

Help would be appreciated. What are the settings in Jriver to get the best sound from Geek Pulse Standard

Thank you.

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Good morning Gus,

I have just assigned ticket # 11403 to our Technical Support Team. Someone one will be contacting you shortly regarding your question.

Thank you for your support in LH Labs!

Gina Stewart 

Customer Happiness Agent

LH Labs

920 Reserve Drive, Suite 160

Roseville, CA 95747


The response really should be here. I just had the X-Infinity arrive and I'm wondering the same thing with driver 2.29.

In my case, with a Pulse,  JRMC 20 and Windows 7 I prefer the ASIO option.  JRiver has a bunch of settings that need to be optimized to get the best from it, though - its not just ASIO or WASAPI.  There are helpful tips in the JRiver forums as well as this forum.  That being said, let your ears have the last say - what works for one persons system may not work for yours.

Happy listening!

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