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Specs of all Geek Pulse models

Hi, tried to look everywhere but I could not find specs to compare between Geek Pulse and Geek Pulse fi? Please help!!!!

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The Pulse FI hasf 2 audio Femto clocks inside to a customized, lowest jitter, Crystek TCXO clock and Internal Amp upgrades and the regular base Pulse does not.

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Is the Pulse fi and Sfi the same or different in anyway as I have an sfi and was wondering the same. The chart that was on the Indiegogo page would be helpful if you still have it thanks?

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Your Pulse SFI has the single ended outputs, femto clocks and internal amp.

Can the pulse Fi work without a preamp?

If your question is whether you can connect the single-ended outputs of the Pulse to an amplifier and then use the volume control on the Pulse, then I think the answer is yes. While I do have my Pulse connected to my pre-amp, the volume control does affect the gain on its output.

It also controls the gain on the headphone connection

Any update on making infinity pulse compatible with mobile phones ( Samsung galaxy 5s) Thanks

Could the actual technical specifications be added to the user manual? Right now that is very experience focused but it seems to lack any technical detail commonly found at the end of a manual.

I would start with basic things like dimensions, weight, power requirements and work my way up  to typical audio parameters like DNR, IMD, THD, THD+N, etc. etc.

I would just like to know how to hook mine up,


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