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Bluetooth streaming on Geek Source


Is it possible to add support for Bluetooth streaming to the Source. From the latest hardware spec (January) it indicates that WiFi "N" is included.  However having bluetooth streaming support opens up a larger group of devices and streaming services (Spotify, Tidal, Pandora etc) and a greater degree of flexibility.  As an alternative can you ensure that the USB port could support a Bluetooth dongle so a 3rd party solution could be used.

I don't think that this is planned at the moment, but would be a very interesting addition to the Source specs. J.P.
Yes. Bluetooth streaming allows flexibility for playback. I auditioned a new set of speakers at a HiFi store recently and was able to use music on my phone to send to a Rotel DAC via Bluetooth. While not a perfect solution having that enabled through the superior processing of the Source would be a huge benefit. Particularly as you could access Pandora Spotify etc from your phone and send it to the Source.
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