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geek wave flex

Hi, I payed 299 dollars and 40 for shipping to get the geek wave flex. I asked several times when will this geek wave flex arrive to me. I got no answer just some "mumbo jumbo" mail's about tickets and solving my problem... but no answer for my question. Could anyone here please answer to my easy question: WHEN WILL MY GEEK WAVE FLEX ARRIVE TO MY ADRESS? Thank you.
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I hope that you are aware that you did not purchase a Geek Wave Flex from a market. Rather, you backed a development project as an investor. When the project is completed your investment payback will be in the form of the product that you supported the development of. The Geek Wave (all models) is still in the development stage. LH Labs hopes to bring this project to completion soon. The current projection is to begin shipping the Wave in July but almost all development projects encounter setbacks and delays. While LH Labs hopes to begin shipping in July 2015, my guess is that it will begin shipping more like September or October. I do expect that most backers of this project will receive their investment return some time this year, even if it is somewhat later than the manufacturer anticipates. As always, I would be happy to be wrong with my projection and this product actually start shipping in July when LH Labs expects it to. July 2015 - when LH Labs has projected shipping to begin. October 2015 - when I anticipate shipping will begin. Do note that these projected dates are when shipping is anticipated to BEGIN. It will take a few months for all backers to receive their products. Since your Wave Flex is later in the queue, your Wave may not ship until 6 to 10 weeks after shipping commences. I believe that more than 2000 Waves have been backed to this date. J.P.