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Pulse display sleep mode/dim control?


Brought up by μ/miceblue over here,

Can we implement a display sleep mode/dim control for the Pulse Infinity/Signature, or even better, the Pulse family?

Larry has addressed this concern for the Vi in the Q&A video (11:43 minute mark). It will be handled by LH's programmers.

Thank you!

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This would be a useful addition to the Pulse. Thanks for raising it, Melvin.

This was really a good idea especially at night when your sitting in the dark.

I'm particularly sensitive to lights and like to turn them off when I don't need the information they replay. My audio system is based upon an ASR Emitter and I've configured it to auto turn-off the display after I am done interacting with.

Great idea!

I definitely support this idea. I have most of my gear set to dim or I've covered the particularly obnoxious LED's.
I just got my Geek Pulse fi and it has a very dim LED display. I'd like to suggest that the next version of the "MCU" firmware, which, according to the "Geek Pulse Setup and User Guide," "Displays the firmware version of the matrix control board (display and volume)" -- the next version should have settings for "bright", "medium" and "dim" so users can set it how they like. My Pulse sits beside a large computer monitor which, when looking at a screen or webpage with a white background, renders the Pulse's display all but invisible. Please consider setting a more granular brightness control for the display.

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Excellent idea which does not sound too hard to do. I hope they can do it for the whole Pulse family but due to the lack of display firmware accessibility on the current Pulse, it might be better done through their new Pulse enclosure card reader.

point taken. Good advice.

We will add this feature in next version of Matrix display board.


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