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Tickets unresolved

I have replies to one ticket several times and stills shows waiting for reply

Opened a new one, making reference to the old one, and you guys just closed it, without even responding.

I just asked if the shipping address can be changed and put a C/O note in it.

I receive all announcement from Gavin, fantastic new features, perks, everything is geekiness and happiness, but I cannot get a simple answer to  a extremely simple request.

I am selling my geek pulse and want to change the shipping address with a C/O note, how hard is it ?

Please, provide support, I want to put this horrible experience behind.

1 person has this problem

I have replied to Stephanie's inquiry but the system still says Awaiting Reply. Any tricks to getting it to say it has a reply to respond to?

How can I correct my perk selection.

I prefer Geek Out V2 Plus(+) Infinity, instead of V2 Infinity.

I have sent three tickets through Indiegogo.

Customer service person have sent me response, but they could not help me.

I don't think great service for customer.

Or please, cancel my perk.

Hi Kenji,

I have responded to your ticket several times. The upgrades have been taken off of the Indiegogo campaign. If this upgrade path becomes available again, we will send out an update. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Take care,

Gina Stewart

LH Labs 

Customer Happiness