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Trade up to new Pulse Body

I'd like the Sound Promise applied to trade up to the new Pulse chassis that are upcoming. My Pulse will look nice (I hope, still waiting), but that new sneak peek makes me want the shiny one.

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Nicely done Micah.

Here's a thread on a similar request,

We're hoping to have the Pulse Infinity/Signature be fitted into the new Pulse chassis!

Agreed. I would be willing to wait longer for a retail quality chassis. Cheers! (pedalhead)

I agree also.

We all have contributed towards the development of awesome and epic sounding LH audio components.
So from my perspective waiting a bit longer is no issue at all.

I know that the LH Labs crew have weighed in on this by saying the the X-Infinity and SE will have an upgraded chassis, but I'm tapped out on contributions, more than tapped out. I'm under the mat. I was looking for a reasonable option to have my gear match with the HPA so that if I am not tapped out in the future, I could still invest. It seems like you guys haven't figured out yet that you need to make a few products well for retail, and you have too many editions. Base Pulse, Pulse X, and Pulse XFi, but it appears that you've decided that none of them will make it into a chassis that looks like the HPA. That is just bad branding and is bad for economies of scale on your chassis build. All your chassis will be produced at the highest cost to you. Is the HPA the only one that you plan on upgrading the chassis for? If not, we should be offered a reasonable chance to upgrade, with a 100% trade-in against 120% of our unit cost. I'd also suggest you cut the Pulse X from the retail line-up and lower the price of the XFi substantially. Make a couple products really well, show us you are listening to your customers' advice on running a company that will maintain it's reputation.

Am I correct in assuming that you plan on having the Pulse line look as they do currently at retail? If so, LH Labs is going to get their ass kicked by the likes of Emotiva and others who for $500 offer a dual mono dac amp with balanced outs that can play all the same formats and has an LPS built in. 

What is up with the outrageous LPS prices? It's a Talema transformer diy unit with an uncommon 12v out via molex and an added USB cleaning circuit. That is not worth more than $300, and units from diy outfits cost about $100 for a similar product.

I agree - would wait some time longer for the nicer chassis


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