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Resolved tickets not showing on new ticket system

Per subject.

Seems like tickets are removed from "current view" once marked as Resolved, so there is no way to go back to it, or to re-open the same ticket.

 Hi Bill and John,

When I go to look on your profile it shows the tickets on our side. I will work to see why it isn't showing on your side. Stay Tuned for more information :-)

Best Wishes,


Not showing any of my resolved tickets either.
Hi Wilson,

At the top right of the home screen on this ticket system you will see two links next to the search bar. New support ticket and Check ticket status. Click on the ticket status. Once you click on this link it will open to a new screen that shows (under the search bar) Open or Pending tickets. Click on 'Open or Pending'. You are able to change the options to 'All tickets', 'Open or Pending', or 'Resolved or Closed'. Once you see the ticket you need to re-open simply click on the ticket link and respond.

Best Wishes


 Hi Bill and John,

The tickets are showing on our side. Are you mentioning the tickets from the previous ticket system? Those will not show up as we are not able to import the tickets. However, we have easy access to them if you have any questions about them.

Let me know if I have clarified this for you. If not let me know and I'll keep searching for the solution.

Best Wishes,


Hi Stephanie,

I am not showing any of my previous tickets.

I would like a copy for tracking our update and information provided by our communication.

Also, I am a bit confused as this system made me re register even when I got to this screen while I was logged on with my original log on.

I only registered as Bill because I was not give a option for a "board nickname".

I am frustrated that I have no product and now no tickets, please help.


I am having the same issue as Bill.

Please check. Thanks


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