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Identifiers for different Pulse versions

Are there any identifiers for the model of Pulse (whether a badge or a silkscreen or bootup display when turned on)? 

Say, if 2-3 years down the line we decide to trade or sell our Pulses, how do prospective buyers differentiate the models?

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An official printable certificate that's connect to each units serial number from the LHLabs website.
There should be specific model information on the back panel or bottom of the unit as is done with almost all products. Some are kind enough to have all model information spelled out in plain language, some like apple encode it in some cryptic model number that the general public can sometimes find a table or other method to extract the full meaning. Hopefully, LH Labs will go with the full product information in plain English. J.P.

I really like the idea that when you have a high end maxed out LH product like the Pulse Signature/Infinity that an official printable certificate is delivered with the units.
Something just like the 10G USB Cables.

Each Pulse has a model identifier on the back of it (at bottom left).

Multiple models can be referenced there, but only one will be selected to identify the unit.

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