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MFi support

Do any of you products have MFi (made for iPhone/iPad/iPod) support for digital audio out? Specifically I ask this in regards to the geek pulse which I have ordered.

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Dear Matthew,

We are an MFi certified company, but none of our current product offerings include MFi certification.  To use Geek Pulse with an iDevice, you'll need to use Apple's camera kit.

Take care,


PS - There are some products coming down the pike that are up for MFi certification. :)

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Just received my Geek Pulse and upgraded to the latest firmware but DSD mode only works on my iphone 6+ but not iPhone 6 and iPad mini Generation 2 ... (I only tried these 3 models).   Also it works flawlessly with my Macbook Air.   Any idea?  Thanks NIlson

In the future and even today many use the iPhone for music.
Apple leans more and more towards audio quality.
There still a long way off to be, as we call it high end SQ.

I myself have contributed towards the Wave.

But many people in the world use there iPhone for music and they are all possible LH customers.
It may not be in any of the pulse configurations like the infinity or signature but It would be an awesome feature.

So +1 from my point of view.

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