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could we still have a wave to dream? some more information please!!

Good new year to all the backers and Geek wave team!

Last communications result particularly short and cold to me, apart from the fact that they appear after months of silence from one to the following.

I would like to ask if other IGG backers feel the need or the benefit to be more informed about the supported (and dreamed) object, as for example test results, new pictures, improvements or failures along the way (not too much of the lasts please :) )

many years ago everything has more energy and vitality and was able to convince a lot of audiophiles guys to give their money, now, with last communications, you will not convince even my granny to spend a cent.

please, at least, give us some pictures and hopes!

where we are with the project?

which will be our next milestones?

new timeline?

thank you very much in advance!

Again, happy new year to all of you!!!

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They only do the random update to prevent any legal action as they are "still working on it". There will be no products coming out of the campaign. Even a  side project done on every other weekend would be finished by now. Yes, Yes, they want to develop the best player yada yada yada. By the time this would be finished given the development pace we would be all on 6G and nobody needs a DAP with physical storage.

I want to have hope, but at this point, it is hard.  I think I've generated some experience while backing a number of projects for more than 9 years, and learned that there are problems and delays, sometimes for years, but the lack of believable, tangible evidence of progress on this one is concerning.  

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