Two New Wave Updates (4/26, 4/18)

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So if i read these "updates" correctly Geek Wave is now developed somewhere in Asia from an Asian development team which received help from Larry on HW/SW topics.

So the LHLabs product is fully outsourced, including development.

So whichever OEM in Asia puts some stuff together (and due to their inability to work with the original chip one had to be chosen which could be recognized by everyone on the team) and this then will be labeled LHLAbs geek wave and given to the backers.

Guess the funding campaign would not have run that successfully if the correct description of this whole thing would have been posted. This should have also included: HW will be selected based on best specs/sound and being known to all development team members.

Question also. You remember a product called the "source"? End of 2017 you claimed there were units being shipped out already. What happened in the meantime? Other than that in Q1 2018 you bring a LH branded product to market where you even use LHLabs pictures and the specs/features read identical to the source. The brilliant written review on that product a year ago claimed knowledge of you "bending over backwards" to have the backers get their product. Any chance you are able to share an update on the status here? I mean in terms of when can i expect to receive a product which has been paid for in the campaign.

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