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Still waiting of all the orders from igg

Hi lh labs Ordered 3 wave Source, pulse xfi etc.....from indigogo campain.... Nothing shipped since years !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What happend ??? Regards Georg

It is actually also wire fraud as they were handling idgg and non idgg payments via credit card. I doubt though that you will find a lot of interest in following this case. And after all, they are still hard working to provide us the devices.just took a little bit longer than anticipated as they want to have it „perfect“
But even if and even if then convicted, you will not find any money left so payout will be your fraction of nothing. This will also limit any appeal for lawyers to get on the case.
Another sucker out a few $k here. Pulse Xfi, HPA... I did get my LPS4 though. That box still remains unopened
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