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Still waiting of all the orders from igg

Hi lh labs Ordered 3 wave Source, pulse xfi etc.....from indigogo campain.... Nothing shipped since years !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What happend ??? Regards Georg

Everything is still in development and manufacturing mode! We'll let you know when more information is available. You can also view our IGG updates for the story so far!

I understand your frustration Georg, it's been 4-5 years and I've spent over $1000 and nothing has arrived apart from earbuds. All confidence has been lost. It almost feels like we've been caught in vapourware. I feel like a bit of a mug for supporting apparently good intentions. I've logged a ticket to try and get information on when shipping will happen. Bret Lucas 12th Feb 2019.

Development and manufacturing mode?

Well you have no problem providing products for a review on stereotimes which are even using campaign pictures. So the source is an available product. Why wont you ship it to the people who's money you have for 4+ years?

If you claim it takes you 4+ years to develop a product you frankly should have stated your

A)  inability to work at "normal" industry lead times 

B) status of your product as nothing more than a sketch on a napkin (nice webgraphic in html)

clearly in the campaign

I think it would be a small effort for LHLabs too let everyone know exactly what the status and where the development is and keep this planning/schedule up to date.

The community always understands that there can be development delay's and production problem's and offcourse delays in the production chain because of small production batches and manufacturing schedule. 

But there is a structural failure to communicate on a regulair basis with backers a few years back when the forum changed it all seemed to slow down. And this leads to misunderstanding and frustration.
I personally have backed almost all the products and i'm still waiting.

I would loved to see the development and testing of equipment what LHLabs did a few years back.
Remember seeing the Mono Blocks being build and tested the discussion on the forums about specs and components like caps and resistors this all was awesome. 

But what happend to these Mono Blocks and products like the Pre-Amp/HPA/Tube-Amp/etc...?
Has the development stopped?
Or is the development done? 
Are they in Production?
Are we waiting on components?

Someone told me a while back that everything has been put on the back burner until the Geek Wave is DONE, but i can't find any notification about that, but i think it seems to be correct.
If LHLabs or anyone else can verify this for me please do.

Now Geek Wave seems to get status updates every Month or so.
We should get another update somewhere this week and i believe they will reach another development milestone in about a month if i remember correctly.

Now I believe the Last status for the Pulse Xfi DAC was somewhere in sept/nov 2018 that the manufacturer was waiting for some of the components and that it would be done within a month. 

Now that was 6 months ago, so LHLabs please any Update would be welcome.

Please LHLabs / Larry we need more communication and insights into the development and production including its challenges and problems but more important we also need to hear about any successes and milestones that have been reached..

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