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Geek Pulse Volume Knob Doesn't Work

So I put in a support ticket.... 47 days ago.  I guess this company went under or something, because it's absolutely atrocious to not respond to a support ticket for 47 days.  I had actually forgotten I ever submitted it.

Anyway, I've got it set to USB input, and it's connected to my desktop via the USB port in the back. It's kind of a square port on the Pulse's end, and a normal USB on the PC end.

This product worked fine for a couple years, now the volume knob doesn't work. No matter what I do, I can't get the volume to change. I can alter the GAME sound (yeah, I'm currently using this thing just to play games with my Sennheiser HD 650s) but I can't alter decibel levels using either the geek pulse knob OR windows slide lever OR the LH driver program sliders. Nothing works.  Anyone run into this issue and figure out a fix? I'm firmware version MAIN 2.0

Windows 10

My support ticket is over 90 days old and there has been no response. 

If it's a Pulse X, check out this thread, you might need a firmware update...



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