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Need 2.0 firmware for Pulse X Infinity

Does anybody have the current firmware for the Pulse X Infinity?

My Pulse X Infinity is not working; The lights work but no sound comes out.

I've had a support ticket open with LH Labs for almost exactly one year and there's been no response yet.

LH Labs only provides the firmware on request, but since LH Labs doesn't answer the phone and hasn't replied to any support tickets, I'm wondering if anybody else here can share the 2v0 Pulse X Infinity firmware.

If LH Labs still visits this forum, please check ticket #43197. Thanks!

My Xfi has no volume adjustment.
#79583 Geek Pulse Xfi volume adjustment is not working

Looking for the firmware as well. 

You can get the Pulse X firmware update in this thread:

After years of my Pulse X Infinity intermittently working, I found the thread and updated to 2V0 and now it works. Had raised a ticket months ago, with no response... I'm not sure why they don't just post the firmware up on their support page, it seems like lots of people are having this issue!

What a useless company! :(



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Dear Matt, Thanks for your post. It fix my dac. I have a question for you. Your x infinity dac was hot when play music? Best regards

Hi Nguyen,

My X Infinity DAC gets warm to touch as I never switched it off. 

Yep, my DAC is hot to touch too, as with Danny I never switch it off.

It's still not working 100%, every now and again it cuts out (no sound) and I have to power cycle it to get it going again. Sometimes it will go for days without that, sometimes it happens every 10 mins. I've tried a lot of fixes (plugged directly into motherboard USB port, Windows 10 registry fixes, etc.), but nothing works.

I guess this is the best I'll get. Haven't backed anything on Kickstarter/IGG since, just not worth it.



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