Wave Update 10/28/18

New update:


Wave Update 10/28/18

Hey everyone,

We have an update regarding the Wave. Our last update mentioned that we would enter the finalized software beta on Oct. 15. This has been delayed due to unforeseen software circumstances. The remaining issues are the same, and we've provided some details regarding their current statuses below:

1. Bluetooth music transmission. Still debug the music playback intermission.

2. WiFi streaming/NAS and HTML web interface for remote control. WiFi streaming causing too much power consumption and HTML rendering needs some optimization.

3. SD music file access. Optimized the index speed for large file numbers inside SDXC card.

Below is an example of what we're referring to. Bill is our team lead we hired that we mentioned in the previous update. 

We are currently seeking another team and man power to help with the development of customization version of Linux. At this point, Android development is also ongoing. As we mentioned before, we now have TWO force work both on two kind of OS system at the same time. It fits the current market demand, also will help if one of two plans schedule is too late.

If Android development is finished before the Linux Pure Music OS, we will build the Waves with Android as to not delay things any further. Then we will have the option for backers to update their Waves to the Linux Pure Music OS when it's finally ready. It would be done via USB interface.  Also, we have another backup plan: that is to send out the Wave for backers who

don't have WiFi and Bluetooth options. This is related to different hardware configuration vs software version control and we will finish that part soon.

On that note, if anyone knows of any good Linux developers or would like to assist us with the Linux software, please send us an email at cs@lightharmonic.com with your full contact information and/or the developers' contact information and any background information you feel we should know. We'll be happy to review and discuss with you/them the opportunity to come on board the team.

We'll put out another update when we have something to report over this project. 

LH Labs team

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