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Split LightSpeed to ‘normal’

Hi to you at Albert Labs, Firstly can not find anything other than the ‘Forum’ to contact you. If there is better please advise. I have a 1.5m Lightspeed, (white version, but realise that to be ‘academic’) that is the ‘split’ type, (2 A type from source) that I would like as a ‘normal’ USB. Is it possible to return the cable to you for ‘conversion’? Might as well ask now that if this can be done by you, what would be the cost. If not possible, do I take it that if my PC had 2 USB ports, that the cable I have would then operate correctly? (Sure don’t want to ‘operating’ on such a cable as yours to even attempt to joint to the one A type connector myself). Purely out of ‘interest’, is there any difference as to the White version as to the original Red? Apologies for placing this under ‘Problems’, but could not find anything more suitable. John H

Hi John, I'll pass your question to the team and let you know when there's a response! 


Please ‘forgive’ the “Albert” prefixed to Labs. Don’t know why even my fumbling fingers or iPhones spell check would come up with that, (& I obviously missed it). LH Labs. Look, no “Albert”!! As asked previously, is there a way to contact LH Labs directly te my question?
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