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Geek LPS4 change voltage

Hi. I am a Australian based user. I have just purchased a used LPS4 the USA. I need to adjust the LPS4 to run on 240v. I assumed that I would use the same method as shown in a video that can be found on the LH Labs blog. In that video a jumper was moved from a set of pins marked 110-130v to another set of pins marked 220-240v. Upon opening my LPS4 I found that there is six sets of pins. two sets for 220-240v and four sets for 110-130v. There a total of four jumpers that sit on the 110-130v pins. My LPS4 board has two labels on it. One is Geek LPS4 EP5 April 2015 and the other label is PC-LPS-005. Is a simple case of moving the jumpers to the 220-240v pins so that I can use the LPS4 in Australia? Jeff
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