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Maybe the Geek Source doesn't work!

 I am beginning to wonder whether LH Labs has a working Geek Source.  As we all know, absolutely no one has received one, so we can't confirm a working version.  The one review of a Light Harmonic music server -- really a gussied-up Geek Source -- could be for a jerry-rigged purpose-built unit.  With all the music streamers now coming on the market, perhaps LH Labs has simply given up!

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That is an interesting thought. I am thinking cash flow problems, etc. I went back and looked at how much they raised for this project on Indiegogo and is my number correct at about $13K US? This must be a follow-up campaign? I am assuming they don't have the cash/funds to finish the products and get them delivered.

So many interesting, and available, project on the market now since this campaign started that not even worth waiting. Standard NAS from Synology for your music storage, nice silent low profile PC from like the SonicTransporter i7 from Small Green Computers running as an appliance and running Roon... then a Sonore microRendu or ultraRendu and you are in business. My DAC even has direct ethernet playback capability so as long has I have Roon running on my SonicTransporter... musical bliss and would not even replace if the Source actually ever does arrive..

But I equally agree with you theory than a working model does not actually exist or they have not been able to establish the stability. The stuff we original bought into a few year back is already dated at so many levels. 

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Chris, it sounds as if I am in the same camp as you.  I have a Devialet 200, which has streaming capability.  I had initially ordered the Geek Source because the streaming capability of the Devialet -- termed AIR -- was spotty at best.  That all changed when Roon integrated Devialet into its eco-system.  Now, I can stream with ease.  Also, I have all the storage I need on my NAS.  I, too, am thinking about getting a Sonic Transporter so I can bypass my Win10 computer and have 24/7 access to my music without booting up the computer.

I'm annoyed that I fell for the LH Labs pitch and agree that what once seemed cutting edge -- the Geek Source -- has now been eclipsed by a steady steam of products from innovative and customer-friendly companies.  LH Labs is terrible in both those respects.

Yeah, it sounds like a great idea at the time but now the competition is fierce. I liked the idea of having the large display with the album art which is a bit unique still but could not wait. 

I am currently living in Japan and have purchased Luxman Control and Power Amp and their customer service is rock solid... stuff breaks they come to your house to pick it up repair is and apologize for the inconvenience. Ended up going for the Ayre QX-5 Twenty imported for my DAC. Then the SonicTransporters and MicroRendu for the digital USB playback. The Ayre also allows for direct Ethernet playback. All three of these companies send same day and at the latest next business day responses to all questions and inquiries. 


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