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Where is my Geek Source unit?

It's really time to get serious.  Where is my unit?  If I don't receive it within a week, I will start legal proceedings.

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How many Source units have been shipped so far in June? Did you get even ONE out of the door? When do you start shipping the regular Source units? 


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LH Labs OWES its contributors an explanation for the outrageous delays in delivery of product.  

I would also strongly suggest Larry consult with counsel concerning the company's exposure to potential class action litigation for failing to delivery ANY product after the passage of years.  As I said in connection with my contribution for the Wave portable player almost two years ago - had I been requested to lend LH Labs money for a period of many years in exchange for an indefinite promise to send me a product sometime in the distant future, I would never have contributed to your campaign.  Please be assured that if litigation is initiated against LH Labs, Light Harmonic will undoubtedly be named as a co-defendant in the litigation -- After all, it was on the basis of the products that Light Harmonic was selling that LH Labs initially started soliciting contributions on Indiegogo; and I have no doubt that ownership of the two sit in the same hands.

Time to face the music and meet specific targets or face legal claims for all the funds you have taken in without delivering on your promises.

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