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Geek Pulse DAC issue

My Geek Pulse DAC stopped working abruptly. It was playing yesterday, today it does not seem to be alive at all. The front panel is not lit and my laptop does not see the device. When I turned it on it makes a short quiet noise and that is all.

Browsed through forums and only found complains about customer support. I was wondering if anyone had a similar issue and was able to resolve it?

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Hi! I apologize about that issue! Please submit a ticket and we can send it to our tech team. Unfortunately, I have no exact timeline on when exactly the ticket will be handled as we are incredibly short-staffed right now on the tech repair team.

I did submit a ticket with #44523. I was wondering if this is a known problem.

My ticket has been opened for over a month, has anyone ever had any success with LH support?

Any luck Amp?

Nope, still have not received any support from LH. 

Man, short staffed or no there should be some kind of reply. I’m still hoping to get my Pulse one day. Even if it only works for a week I’d be happy...which is pretty sad. I wish you good luck!

Thanks, Keith!

Well, I technically got a reply, which was that their tech support is short staffed and than timeline is unknown.

Btw, when did you order?

December 2014. I really feel for the 2013 people though!
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