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What is the status of Geek Source units

 May we please have an updated timeline on shipment of both the SE units and the other units?  Thanks.

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The latest update I have: We will complete the next 10 units’ shipping by the end of this month. Also, we are getting the 2T SSD in next 10 days. So in April we should be able to clean up the Source SE. Then we will start the normal Source production and shipping.”

If I get more information, I'll let everyone know. 

Dear Jarek and other customer service helpers,

The information from the last reply was the same that you posted on IGG 11 days ago. So there has been no progress at all in the 11 days? You also mentioned that in total you need to finish more than 30 SE units. How many have you completed by now? How many are shipped? 

I would guess that the majority of the Source backers are the ones that backed (and paid for!) a regular Source. Can you please share more information about the regular Source units? Is the hardware ready? All parts sourced? 

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