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Waves model vs GO2A models | How would they be compared?

So another question to Larry:

how would the different Wave models be compared to the different GO2A models?

Just for sound comparisons, not feature wise.

So would the Wave64/128 be on the same level as the GO2A, the X128 maybe par with the GO2A Infinity and what would be needed to reach a GO2A SE?

Or will even a base Geek Wave 64 on a same level with a GO2A SE?

Thanks in advance.

Here is the answer in an audio format: 

(1.06 MB)

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Thanks Jarek, much appreciated.

for those who can't be bothered to download an mp3 file... how about just answering with words?

The Wave without femto clocks will sound almost identical, maybe a tiny bit better than the normal 2A. The Wave with femto clocks will sound essentially identical to the 2A Signature Edition. 

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