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Where are the Geek Source units?

I am but one of the many people awaiting a Geek Source.  Can you kindly tell us when the products will be shipped?  There was an announcement about improved communications with the hiring of Jarek but all seems to have gone quiet since that time, despite some promises of SE editions being shipped.  

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I’m just so exhausted and disappointed by this whole process. Im over it, except that I’m out thousands of dollars in equipment that I could buy for less money with better specs now than when I spent it. Larry should be bending over backwards to fulfill the promises he made years ago, but nothing - radio silence- and customer service that lies just as readily as Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Just saying

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Sad to say that I am over it.

I am looking at replacement candidats for the Vi Dac and Source.

I need to find  a nice DAC, which I may have found, but I am still considering options.

The Source will be replaced by a PC with SOtM, or Pink Faun or JCAT + some other tweaks. Maybe a linear PSU from HDFlex.

The Wave is already replaced my a Sony sony NW-WM1Z.

I will still use the LHL Geeks which I love, but I will not give any penny more.

Even if by any miracle the Vi and Source ship to me, if LHL request shipping fees like it seems they did with other customers, I will decline and forget about the unit.

It is an easy way out for Larry, but we cannot do anything not even legal action.

So I prefer to move on ...

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 Can we have an update, please?  I'm not aware of anyone in the world who has received a Geek Source unit.  Surely, someone would have commented here by now...

Have since long given up on receiving this product. Obviously they are having some problems meeting their obligations. Maybe no cash flow to complete the products and delivery?

Who knows, have ended up purchasing a completely different setup based on Roon, MicroRendu and SonicTransporter i7. Ordered and it all arrived in less than a week and I live in Japan.

Good customer service and products ship when promised... 

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