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Order status correction activities | Sufficient enough for BOM list?

Since this is the "official" forum now I hope you don't mind if I repost my post from HF. It's a response to Jarek's earlier post that only 149 tickets are still open. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Great! Moving in the right direction. Still ...when has Larry enough valid data (based on the precise "order status") to be able to order all bits and pieces for the Waves and Sources? At least my expectation would be that based on the "corrected" order status tickets he has the view what kind of models (Wave 64/128/X128...; Source SE/2TB....) with which options (Femto, Dual DAC; Source power & Cap upgrade..) have to be manufactured and given those information he cold compile his BOM. Or am I missing something? My point is that I hope this "Model/Option"assignment has been done (and will be continued) to provide a clear overview. Examples:. - x GW 64/128.. are required with option a (let´s assume it´s the DUAL DAC) and option b (Femto clock) , - y GW 64/128.. are required with option a and option c (THD Performance) - z GW 64/128.. w/o any options Same should be available for the different Sources. Based on those information Larry should be able to compile his BOM, right? Or am I missing something? Bottomline is: do you have this Model/Option overview already (based on the current closed "order status correction/confirmation" tickets)?

I created a ticket requesting order confirmation. I also posted at GW IGG requesting confirmation. I'm reposting here coz I really don't know now the best way to communicate to LHLabs.


Hi Jarek,

I created a ticket at the LHLabs support site. It seems all my previous tickets are no longer listed. I only relied on a very old email confirmation of my order back in August 2015 from a certain Gina Stewart.The email attachment has all the details of my order.

Can you confirm my order? The ticket number is #43705.

Rene's issue solved and emailed. 

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