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Pulse production status

A thread for people to post questions about (and LHLabs to post answers to) the production status of the final run of Infinities that have still not been sent to backers after four years.

so the remaining hold up is board production and these are apparently the next batch at the factory after a run of boards for the DaVinci...

so how are we going? Has the DaVinci run started? How is it progressing? any start date for the Pulse run?

@James Da Vinci has started and is on-going. I don't have an estimated timeline over when it's going to end at this point. We'll let everyone know when the Pulse production starts. 

are the pulses the next batch that the factory will work on, or just the next batch from LHLabs that they will work on? (ie - are there jobs from other customers ahead of the pulse boards)

Only product shipped has been the LPS4 power supply - that can't supply anything yet!  Kind of getting comical at this point.   My 3 year anniversary is on the 22nd - I'm not yet sure how to celebrate!


7 months ago


In addition to the tube amp (which hasn’t yet been migrated to the “new” marketplace), here’s what I’m waiting on. Only product received has been the Pulse LPS4 which I haven’t been able to use!!

ORDER #2xxx
1 x (IGG Only) Wave XD128
ORDER #1xxx
1 x (IGG Only) Geek Pulse DAC X Infinity
1 x (IGG Only) Lightspeed 1G cable (Size: Lightspeed 1 meter)
ORDER #1xx
1 x (IGG Only) Source 3TB Audio Server


6 months ago


Still crickets… At one point support explained why they are still for sale on Amazon, but not really sure I understand any more. They’re still for sale for next day delivery –

Where’s @larry?


4 months ago


While possibly still a decent product, what bugs me now is the tech within is getting close to 3 years old. Never again will I fund unicorns and rainbows!


@Patrick sent you the invoice for the HPA gear. 

I think it is clear that this is a fraudulent operation that has taken money from hundreds , possibly thousands of Buyers years ago and has no intention of refunding money or shipping what was paid for. I am now going to the California Attorney General's office to register a complaint . Since this involves customers outside California, mail fraud has been committed which is a Federal crime and therefore , the FBI will also be contacted. I am approaching some Attorney's in California that specialize in commercial fraud and will be retaining one to sue the Company

Has anyone got a shipment delivered in the last year? This is so wrong, criminally wrong.

nope - LHLabs are out of money.

In theory they might eventually deliver something if Light Harmonic makes some cash selling ridiculous 21 driver IEMs into Asian markets AND THEN deigns to throw us a bone.

But realistically the chance of receiving anything on this project is 0

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