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Hi Jarek - I'm still waiting from Dec 2013 (ORDER #1317)

Thanks James! I forwarded that to our front office. Larry and I are working to make you happy with your Pulse! :) 

My order number is 10085 and I ordered it in December but I can’t remember if it was 2013 or 2014.

@Keith IGG indicates 2014. We're specifically looking at the 2013 right now. But your order is currently still active and on the list. 

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Number 549 (Nov 3, 2013), upgraded by number 6530 (Nov 5, 2014) to Soul Tube WITH option to get the Pulse until the Vi Tube SE arrive.

Number 4892 (Dec 24, 2013), upgraded by number 6506 (Nov 5, 2014) to Soul Tube WITHOUT option to get the Pulse first.

Meanwhile, I don't want the Pulse anymore and still been waiting for the two Vi Tube SE...

Roger that.
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