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*crickets* Come on Jerek. I know you have been given a shit job but can you please post SOMETHING?


Are you still around or have we lost another customer service person that actually tries to get information?

Larry, you stated that you would provide regular updates when Jerek was hired.  

not one of these commitments have been made.

Geek Wave: Bi-weekly (Sundays)

Geek Pulse: Monthly (date tbd)

Vi Dac: Monthly (date tbd)

Geek Source: Monthly (date tbd)

Pulse Analog: Monthly (date tbd)

Time to lay out a realistic plan to meet your commitments

So on 9/5/18, there is magically an update:

Pulse Board Update 9/5/18

Modified on: Wed, 5 Sep, 2018 at 3:03 AM

Hey everyone, 

We know you've been waiting for news over this so here is the status of the boards: 

These PCBs should have been done by the end of last month. Currently, our PCBA factory has 80% of the components and empty boards. They are still waiting for us to send the rest of components. 

Unfortunately, we need some more time to buy these components. After they receive all components, they can finish all the boards up in 25 working days. The boards will be finished in one shot.  

As mentioned, due to the nature of crowdfunding and production costs associated with these campaigns, much of our cash flow to finish these projects comes from our parent company, Light Harmonic. Light Harmonic pushes cash flow to LH Labs whenever possible. 

At this point, we have no exact date on when the rest of the boards will be completed, but we are working on obtaining funding to complete the campaign. We'll update you whenever possible over developments. 

The entire LHL team

how much money are we talking?  how much per board/system/end user? It seems to me if you were up front about all this stuff, you would find your customers can think outside the box and might be willing to help - hell I've waited years now for my Pulse Xfi, Mono Amps, Source, and an infinite number of upgrades it seems, and all I have to show for it is an LPS 4 with a chassis that won't match my Pulse Xfi (if I ever get it)..

Just cut to the chase, how much money is needed to finish how many boards, and what is a realistic timeline?

so much for monthly updates.  did they buy any components and make any boards?

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