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And...? Seriously, I'm just looking for an update about whether you've actually received the boards yet. A question like this should have a 1 day turnaround max.

It honestly depends on *where* the Pulse units are being assembled. Some items are assembled in-house, and others are assembled overseas. I'm unsure *where* exactly the Pulses are being assembled. I'll double check and try to get an answer for you. 

can we please get some more proactive updates? Pulse updates were meant to be monthly, and it seems that addressing progress against the schedule would be an obvious thing to update us on.

Instead the person engaging with customers has to be prodded to admit that they don't actually know what's going on.

Hi Larry,

What about the USB issues a lot of us are experiencing?
It has been like this from the beginning for me, although lately it has seemed to be worse, I don't know how that can happen!?
When I plug in the USB, the Pulse is detected by the Mac and shows up in Audio MIDI Devices, if I try to play something it just buzzes for a few seconds and then disappears out of Audio MIDI Devices; it sometimes reappears. Even if you just try and change the sample rate it buzzes for a few seconds and then changes back to 96k.
I've tried on several different computers, a Macbook Air (USB 2), a Hackintosh (USB 3) , and a Windows PC (USB 3), I've also tried with a split USB cable (going through the LPS) and a normal USB cable; it all behaves the same.
I'm a fellow electronics engineer, I'd really like to help you get to the bottom of this and get it working. The Pulse really is useless currently :(
Do you experience the same USB issues? Can I help to debug this in any way?


I too would like to see my Pulse Xfi one day. I fear I'll have given up corded audio by the time it arrives :/

I've let the office know we would like more updates over the Pulse. 

That really would be nice to know. I’ve had an LPS4 sitting under my desk never opened which I hope actually works. It would be nice to be able to send the LPS4 back to LH and to have them replace it with one in the 2.0 chassis.
So what went wrong with the pulse boards?
The previous comment was not purely rhetorical... What went wrong?

still waiting for an explanation...

how hard is this? Someone at LHLabs knows....

so about those pulses.... has production restarted yet?

if not, when?

*crickets* Come on Jerek. I know you have been given a shit job but can you please post SOMETHING?
The pulse update that just went out would have been the perfect place to provide current status.

I still have no Pulse updates yet. 

Yes - this is exactly the problem
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