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I still have no Pulse updates yet. 

Yes - this is exactly the problem
And...? Seriously, I'm just looking for an update about whether you've actually received the boards yet. A question like this should have a 1 day turnaround max.
21 days since I asked for a status on the pulse boards and still nothing...

@james We just confirmed the PCB factory is in the final stages of production. We expect to get the boards within the next 15 working days for assembly.

the update at said board production would start in the 3rd week of February and take 15 days. 

It's now the 3rd week of April and we're just being told that production will take the next 15 days....

what happened?

why didn't you tell us what was happening?

The previous comment was not purely rhetorical... What went wrong?

When I have information over the situation, I'll update everyone. 

still waiting for an explanation...

how hard is this? Someone at LHLabs knows....

more than 2 weeks since I asked a simple question about why the batch was started much later than promised and why we weren't told about this.

I don't have information over that yet. When I get a response from the office, I will post that. 

Why can't you get a timely response from the office? It almost seems like they don't care about keeping promises...

We ordered a small amount of LPS4 units, so the factory is finishing those up. When we get those done, the factory will move onto finishing the Pulse units. I’ll post more information when I have it.

so why weren't we told this?

you were specifically asked to notify us of delays.

so there was a batch of 50 pulses started (when?) and mid-batch you decided to make some LPS4s? I take it that there were again issues with producing the Pulse boards.

So based on your revised timeline, you should have the boards some time next week?

@James I've heard of no issues with the Pulse batches as far as production goes. I've never stated issues existed and I was never told about issues. 

As far as why the delays were not announced: I have no answer for you on that. I report what I'm told, when I'm told. I've passed your comments to the office. I am sorry about that situation. I'll update more when I have it. 

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