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Questions for @Larry

- LH Labs can you please comment about the USB issues me and other people are experiencing? We have each spent $100s if not $1000s with you, the least you can do is acknowledge there is an issue with the USB and give us an idea of when it’s going to be fixed! Again, the Geek Pulse is useless as it currently stands :(

can you at least guarantee that: 

1 – we will be told when production of the pulse boards actually starts
2 – we will be told if there are any delays in starting the batch or failure rates that lead to the production run being cancelled.


Both requests are very reasonable. And the current PCB vendor we worked with are the same one we use for Da Vinci production. We have much better confidence that the new PCB will have no problem on USB diff Z control.



Hi Larry,

What about the USB issues a lot of us are experiencing?
It has been like this from the beginning for me, although lately it has seemed to be worse, I don't know how that can happen!?
When I plug in the USB, the Pulse is detected by the Mac and shows up in Audio MIDI Devices, if I try to play something it just buzzes for a few seconds and then disappears out of Audio MIDI Devices; it sometimes reappears. Even if you just try and change the sample rate it buzzes for a few seconds and then changes back to 96k.
I've tried on several different computers, a Macbook Air (USB 2), a Hackintosh (USB 3) , and a Windows PC (USB 3), I've also tried with a split USB cable (going through the LPS) and a normal USB cable; it all behaves the same.
I'm a fellow electronics engineer, I'd really like to help you get to the bottom of this and get it working. The Pulse really is useless currently :(
Do you experience the same USB issues? Can I help to debug this in any way?



Um.... Larry - you can't say that 'both requests are very reasonable', then completely fail to address one.

to repeat...

can you at least guarantee that: 

1 – we will be told when production of the pulse boards actually starts
2 – we will be told if there are any delays in starting the batch or failure rates that lead to the production run being cancelled.

I talked to him about this question before and he said yes. 

I have a ticket raised for the same USB issue that has been ignored by you guys for the past 4 months. It's not good enough to tell me you have a backlog and one person working technical tickets. Larry, it's on YOU to address staffing issues.

I've spent HUNDREDS of dollars just on shipping alone to have other issues fixed with a GPXfi and a GPX Infinity. I was promised reimbursement on shipping costs over a YEAR ago and the ticket remains outstanding.

I've made a video replicating an issue with DC pulse through XLR that almost killed my speakers. I had spent money bringing your DAC to a local tube amp builder to diagnose and confirm the DC pulse. I have yet to hear from you on what you have to say about the problem. I'd say I went above and beyond on troubleshooting your products.

Meanwhile, I am still waiting for a Wave, a HPA, and a Source. Seriously, your IGG abomination started in 2013. NO one would have expected a 5-yr wait on campaign fulfilment.

@wilson I shared this with the entire team. 

so we were told on 11/23/2017 that the factory was producing da Vinci boards and that Pulse boards would follow.

we were also promised that 

 1 - we would be told when production of the pulse boards starts

 2 - we would be told if there was any hold up on starting the pulse boards

it's now the middle of January and no news....

Da Vinci boards are still in production and there are no hold-ups to my knowledge. It's a process and I never gave any sort of timeline over when the boards would be done. I know they're testing a bunch of things because they had to re-design the Da Vinci boards due to various component factors, I assume. 

When Pulse starts production, I will let you know. 

the impression I took was that Pulse boards would be starting quickly - a production run of DaVinci boards would, I image, be a few hundred units at best (it's an extremely low volume product).

But it's clearly not just a production run of boards - it sounds like a full design / production / debugging cycle (something that LHLabs have proven to be astoundingly inept at).

So we're really pretty much back at the point we've always been - there's an intention to produce the remaining pulses (that people paid for more than 4 years ago) at some undetermined point in the future.

fortunately my expectations for LHLabs are so low that they can't really go any lower.

I too would like to see my Pulse Xfi one day. I fear I'll have given up corded audio by the time it arrives :/

What is the status of the Geek Tube HPA?  It mentions an October 2017 "pilot run."  Did that actually happen?  If not, why not?  If so, did you ship any units?  Do you have a date for when you will start shipping units?

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That did not happen yet. We are still waiting on the production to happen. I have no exact timeline. We'll make an announcement when it does. Work/progress on the analogue campaign is supposed to happen soon but I have no way of knowing exactly when. We'll update you though!

Hey, if anyone has a 2013 Pulse DAC that did not get delivered, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. I'm working with the front office right now on fixing these for you guys. 

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