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Meanwhile back on Head-Fi:

As promised, here are photos of the existing Pulse components LH Labs has:

The chassis parts are in pieces: L = Left side, R = Right side, T = Top side, B = Bottom side as listed on the boxes. 

so they have some case parts and blank PCB's

and that thought bubble over your head - is true

so we were told on 11/23/2017 that the factory was producing da Vinci boards and that Pulse boards would follow.

we were also promised that 

1 - we would be told when production of the pulse boards starts

2 - we would be told if there was any hold up on starting the pulse boards

are they moving to a domestic PCB stuffing house? If not, why being the boards here?

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Just make something!

How can months go by and nothing is produced?

Why can't Jared see the plant?  Hard to tell stories when you know the truth?

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What is the status of the Geek Tube HPA?  It mentions an October 2017 "pilot run."  Did that actually happen?  If not, why not?  If so, did you ship any units?  Do you have a date for when you will start shipping units?

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Procrastination (from Latin's "procrastinare", that translates as: the prefix pro-, 'forward', with -crastinus, 'till next day' from "cras", 'tomorrow') is the avoidance of doing a task that needs to be accomplished.

After so much time, today it has given me to see if the company still exists and I have read these comments; my order was on December 6, 2013, which was subsequently expanded to reach infinity with all the extras and the new box.

For a long time I understood the name, pulse infinity refers to the infinite patience that must be had waiting for an answer.

In the South of Europe we say "to the done, chest", or what is the same if you commit to something you need do, if you are wrong in your appreciation, insist on doing it and you ask for a delay, you give the face because  you are the wrong one and it's your problem, with a minimum of decency after 5 years, the status need to be compulsory updated EVERY DAY UNTIL YOU DELIVER IT.

I am four months from doing 4 years that I expect a product ( i order in  2013 but originally need to be delivered in 2014 )

Please be so kind an confirm my order.

Good luck,


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John, you’re like a bulldog. I love it. I still have hope of getting something some day for the nearly $2k I dropped on what can only be described as either a scam or the worst run audio business ever.

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Three Months since update.  Indiegogo requires monthly updates.  any true business has production plan and parts on order to meet that plan.  Why No plan?

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So i guess there is no plan, since they can't even layout a schedule in an update.  Without a plan, there will be no results.

another month and still no word that they bought the few remaining components 

Pulse Board Update 9/5/18

Modified on: Wed, 5 Sep, 2018 at 3:03 AM

Hey everyone, 

We know you've been waiting for news over this so here is the status of the boards: 

These PCBs should have been done by the end of last month. Currently, our PCBA factory has 80% of the components and empty boards. They are still waiting for us to send the rest of components. 

Unfortunately, we need some more time to buy these components. After they receive all components, they can finish all the boards up in 25 working days. The boards will be finished in one shot.  

so in two months larry couldn't buy a few components?  the other components and boards are probably oxidizing in some humid chinese factory

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Very good morning to all

Something new about it after ! 1 YEAR !!!

In the time that we have been waiting, I have changed DAC 2 times and since I do not lose patience, I have already prepared a site for yours Pulse infinity, in the old and obsolete storage room, the PS4 already occupies a place of honor there.

just a question how many you still have to deliver? Can we reach an agreement on this? Send me a Da Vinci and do not talk anymore....

A question to the rest of affected, some of you have a web page to collect a list of our mails, because if one day they close this channel we will be totally defenseless and "incomunicado", with this we could at least exchange opinions outside of here.
Maybe a group of Whats App, or other like Telegram, Signal, etc.


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@Keith IGG indicates 2014. We're specifically looking at the 2013 right now. But your order is currently still active and on the list. 

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how much money are we talking?  how much per board/system/end user? It seems to me if you were up front about all this stuff, you would find your customers can think outside the box and might be willing to help - hell I've waited years now for my Pulse Xfi, Mono Amps, Source, and an infinite number of upgrades it seems, and all I have to show for it is an LPS 4 with a chassis that won't match my Pulse Xfi (if I ever get it)..

Just cut to the chase, how much money is needed to finish how many boards, and what is a realistic timeline?

I’m pretty shocked that we’ve gotten no information at all for months now. They keep talking about the Portable DAC but nothing for our Pulse units. And nothing we can do. I’ve actually stopped doing anything with Indiegogo and Kickstarter because of this.

more than 2 weeks since I asked a simple question about why the batch was started much later than promised and why we weren't told about this.

25 calendar days since you said you would have the boards within 15 working days.

so you have them, right?

I don't have information over that yet. When I get a response from the office, I will post that. 

Why can't you get a timely response from the office? It almost seems like they don't care about keeping promises...
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