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Source Specs | Confirmation for all available models appreciated

Hi Jarek,

need to come back to one of the last IGG updates where only the SSD/HDD types for the 5TB SE models have been decided but no word was said about the other (non-SE) Source variations.

Hence I would really appreciate if you could update the specs which are partially mentioned on the "Story" IGG side.

Pls divide between all possible Source types (SE - only a 5TB version? - and the various non-SE models). 

I would like to see what the UI of the Source is capable of. mentioned already you would like to share a video once you have the possibility but couldn´t you provide in the meanwhile a description what can be controlled (filtering for genre/album..what kind of random play will be possible..etc.)

If you´re familiar with Squeezeboxes you know what certain apps are capable of.

In addition to that pls share pics (but you know this also already).

Thanks in advance.

The original question was: 

"What about the 3TB HDD backers have opted for? Will this also be a Toshiba one from the same series? 

Or won’t there be any 3TB HDD and all Sources will either have have a 5TB HDD or SSD?”


Maybe he [Larry] could also shed a bit light on what particular functions the iOS Remote Control Software will have (e. g. if it will be possible to play certain genres/albums/years.... etc. or if it will be possible to random play songs based on the genres I have chosen)." 

All spinning 3TB and 5TB drives will be Toshiba. And the functions you mentioned will all be doable through the software. 

Larry said the remote control written by HTML based so virtually any web browser should able to control without additional apps

@ Jarek:

could you pls be a bit more precise which Toshiba HDD model will be used?

I still would appreciate a excel sheet where we can see what Source in which variations will be offered.

Might also help you to find out if all "variations" are covered by your (LHL) side.

@ Cheung:

Yes..many, many moons ago it was said by Larry that controlling the Source would be possible via a browser.

But in one of the last IGG updates it was mentioned that the" iOS remote control software is still in process" hence I really like to find out what this app is capable of.


@marflao  @Larry would need to answer what exactly the hard drive models are. 

Source could be controlled by following

1. Any browser (Mac, Windows, iOS, Android) with HTML  and Java capability 

2. Dedicated iOS App software (under development. Will be done soon)

3. Android App (After iOS, then this part will start)



Larry, will source plus backer get any upgrade compared with non source plus perked Source?

Hi Jarek, after a month of silence still no words on Plus Upgrade?

Given the latest order status discussion I would really appreciate some clarity about the specs including which perks will be default and which would still be optional. Thanks.

So I'd like to see the difference between the Source, Source Pro and Source SE.

Source Pro is the retail version of Light Harmonic’s music server which carries a much higher price tag (around USD3000). However, Stereotimes understands that the differences are NOT merely cosmetic. (The differences including: Source Pro has Femto clocks for audio master clocks, C0G grade noise removal caps around high speed digital transfer, and new designed chassis with vibration isolation feet and WiFi Multiple Input and Multiple output MIMO capability)

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