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Vi DAC Chatter

Hi everyone, this is the first thread for the Vi DAC. Please post thoughts, comments, questions, screenshots, etc. in here. We will be attending to these forums now instead of the IGG pages due to ease of use for both LHL and backers. 

Same rules as before: professional-esque discussion over the campaign and LHL is welcome. Personal attacks will not be tolerated and will be deleted. Profanity: try to keep it PG, please. 

There is no "quote" function on the forum but I am working with Freshdesk support to see if there is a workaround. But this will be infinitely better than the old system at IGG where there was no ability to edit posts, a character count, no way to post screens, etc. 

We look forward to hearing from you around the forums! 

- Jarek

I thought the new case design was worked out months ago? I do not mind how the products will look like. I am only concerned about getting them the fastest way possible.

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Customer Service
said 3 months ago


We expect the new chassis prototype completely done by the first week of June. I am going to post pictures when/if I get them so everyone can see what we have.


 so are we looking at the same chassis that was supposed to be done in June or is this another prototype?
what is the status of the PCB,s and other parts to assemble the VI's.

And while they are waiting again for another prototype chassis, can they build the Pulses and Sources that are suppose to have parts?

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Why have I had no communication for 18 months regarding the viDAC infinity I paid for in 2015? You even charged me for shipping 18 months ago. Since then, nothing. Give me my product, or give me my money back!!!

So magically, there is this update via link on indiegogo.  not sure why it wasn't posted in this forum:

Vi DAC 9/5/18

Modified on: Wed, 5 Sep, 2018 at 2:49 AM

Hey everyone, 

We have two factories right now supplying Vi DAC chassis units. The original is sending out 10 more original designed version of chassis. (Hopefully the fail rate will be low)

 We have the new Vi chassis design ready, and we are letting the new factory make those units. We will post the photo of the new chassis once we receive it. It should be in three weeks. If no problems are present, then we will start the full speed production of the new version of the chassis. We will also confirm the remaining Vi DAC backers' shipping addresses again. 

As mentioned, we are using two factories now. The new one is the one which has tons of good experience with other hi-end gear. The original Vi DAC chassis factory will just deliver the remaining order and we will put them in idle unless we will need to make more original Vi Chassis.

Again, thank you for your patience in this campaign. 

The entire LHL team. 

so in a month, did we get any chassis ?

I just returned from the Rocky Mountain Audio Festival.   Looking through the program, there was no mention of LH Labs.  No surprise.   But, asking representatives from several manufacturers about LH Labs, they were all familiar with the crowd funding fiasco.   Lots of products launched but never realized at the contributors end, too much enthusiasm and not enough business acumen on the manufacturers end (Larry Ho).  A lot of people in the business squirmed when LH Labs was mentioned. Several outright disapproved of the use of crowd sharing for products in their infant stage.   I contributed to many LH Labs campaigns to include the VI DAC tube, two M200 monoblock amplifiers, a Source music server, an 8 outlet linear power supply, and pretty much all of the bells and whistles/upgrades that were available.  Do I think that I will EVER see any of these products?  Not a chance.   And, even if I did, many of the products would now be considered legacy.  Why am I submitting this post?  Because I’m encouraging the community to just let go.   You are never going to see any of the products that you paid for.   Accept it and move on.  


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