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Analog/HPA Chatter

Hi everyone, this is the first thread for the Pulse Analog/HPA campaign. Please post thoughts, comments, questions, screenshots, etc. in here. We will be attending to these forums now instead of the IGG pages due to ease of use for both LHL and backers. 

Same rules as before: professional-esque discussion over the campaign and LHL is welcome. Personal attacks will not be tolerated and will be deleted. Profanity: try to keep it PG, please. 

There is no "quote" function on the forum but I am working with Freshdesk support to see if there is a workaround. But this will be infinitely better than the old system at IGG where there was no ability to edit posts, a character count, no way to post screens, etc. 

We look forward to hearing from you around the forums! 

- Jarek

when can we get the orders in the system, so you know how many you have to build?

Tickets have been open for 2 months

It should be good if also these Pulse campaign 2 (or 3) orders were included in the order system and it would be good if every perk is shown separately. Just so we know you have it on paper. 

@John orders are already being put into the system when I come across them. I'm the only one working tickets, so it's slow but HPA orders are being added slowly but surely. 

@Mathijs same as above. The invoice will show each perk separately. 

Glad progress is being made.  the first step is getting the orders in the Big Commerce System, so that production can plan the production schedule.


For the Analog Components not listed in BigCommerce Order list, do I have to send you a ticket to list out what we purchase and configuration, or just wait you or Nat to enter them????

Please send us a ticket listing everything you ordered so we can double check everything and enter it for you. Provide any screenshots or receipts as well for the perks/items purchased so we have that for our records (in case they didn't make the trip over to the new system). 

They have been tickets since Sept 29th, waiting to see them in Big Commerce

Hi Jarek, send in a new tickets 43426 if any details missing please let me know

Regarding my order, please check archived ticket #23953. All the details and contributions are there. Please check if everything is OK.

I'll review this for you and let you know, Marcelo. 

Per IGG Terms of Use “If a Campaign Owner is unable to fulfill any of its commitments to Contributors (including delivery of any Perks), the Campaign Owner will work with the Contributors to reach a mutually satisfactory resolution, which may include refunding Contributions. “ You have had my money for the Tube HPA with delivery date of Sept 2015 per perk for almost 3 years, and for LPS8 with delivery date of Jan 2016 per perk for 2.5 yrs. There have been no meaningful updates on either perk for greater than a year. It appears to me and probably many more that is LH Labs who have violated the IGG Terms of Use, not us. Time to acknowledge your errors and issue refunds for those interested. You can take our products and sell them on amazon or Asia like you did we the Pulse for more money.
Please check ticket 43426, nothing ever happened or responded for a month
The pulse spin off products hpa pre amp and amps are at the back of the line. At least that is what I read (somewhere, but cannot recall where) This seems a bit strange as the designs seemed closed to finished some time ago. From what I can make up from all the different forums is that the efforts seem to be focused on 1 source se 2 vidac Tube 3 remaining pulse dacs 4 Wave Where the other sources fit in this schedule I cannot say. The news on the development of the Wave stand, the vidac modules and the hpa modules is non-existent .
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