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Hi everyone, this is the first thread for the Geek Source. Please post thoughts, comments, questions, screenshots, etc. in here. We will be attending to these forums now instead of the IGG pages due to ease of use for both LHL and backers. 

Same rules as before: professional-esque discussion over the campaign and LHL is welcome. Personal attacks will not be tolerated and will be deleted. Profanity: try to keep it PG, please. 

There is no "quote" function on the forum but I am working with Freshdesk support to see if there is a workaround. But this will be infinitely better than the old system at IGG where there was no ability to edit posts, a character count, no way to post screens, etc. 

We look forward to hearing from you around the forums! 

- Jarek

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Full pics of the Source. There are some screws missing and since I know certain people will ask if the screws will be missing when they receive that unit, no, your units will ship with all screws included. 

The gold feet got a very bad response, so they switched to shorter silver feet which were not installed for the picture. 

Also, note this the SE version, so the regular units won't have the red color, LH logo or diamond shape on the sides. 

Source 1.jpg
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Source 2.jpg
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Source 3.jpg
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Source 4.jpg
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source 5.jpg
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Did any units ship as promised in the last month?

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@Larry: In addition to the I2S label you better add the 12V labels for both power inputs. Not that users are complaining why their Sources won't work anymore after bring powered with a wrong-voltage-power supply.

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Thanks Jarek. I think a good start would be that Larry actually gives you true information that you can then publish. 

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Thank you Jarek. I'm starting to understand why getting the units out takes so long. I hope you can finish all quickly and then move on to the regular Sources (which hopefully will be faster to assemble). 

I also hope that you receive some genuine information soon for an update about the Source or the Wave. Would be nice to know where things are with them.

Wish you a nice weekend!

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I thought all the boards were sitting in racks back in november and there was a problem with disks, then problem with chassis, then problem with software.  now they are being made overseas?

how come the problems keep coming and there is no information until the deadline has passed.

Projected SE Shipping Timeframe - 10/19/17

Modified on: Fri, 20 Oct, 2017 at 12:08 AM

Important News: We fully expect to ship out the Source SE within the next 20 days and we will post pictures when they ship. 

Items done/finalized: 

1. Spinning Drive - Toshiba 5TB Mechanical Hard Drive 

2. SSD - Samsung 850

3. Packaging materials

Still in Process: 

1. Roon Firmware

2. iOS Remote Control Software

Larry and the team are very excited to ship this out after finalization. The minute I have more information on shipments, I'll be posting that for everyone. 

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Did anyone receive their Geek Source?

It's been 5 years and we are still waiting.

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We'll be in our graves IF any product ever ships!

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@Shawn. We expect to ship out 10-15 units by the end of the month. 2 have shipped out.  Not the 15th of the month. We sent the email on the 13th of November and stated 4-6 weeks, so the end of the month will be 6-7 weeks, with that extra week for breathing space. We are going to have additional help on staff to build the units so they will be built fast and we expect to hit that mark. We will make announcements to backers as units ship. 

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"You say you can't see a shipping status from your computer and systems are not integrated." 


"So, why don't you pick up your phone and call your colleague in the other office."

I have. 

"Can you tell me please how many Source SE you finished this week? How many are left? Cool, thanks '. Wouldn't this work?"

Not yet. 

"Or are the people in your other office not allowed to tell you?"

They either don't know or can't tell me. Office staff did inform me (today): "We have shipped and we will continue to build and ship." 

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We received a nice email from Vincent in Taiwan over his new Source Signature!

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Good for him! What about US and EU backers?

I think WE are still on the waiting list ... 

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I'm trying to verify on my end with the office over who did/didn't receive their units in Asia/Europe. 

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What about those of us in the US?

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Me to begin with ...

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Gery and Jeff, we got you covered. 

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