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Hi everyone, this is the first thread for the Geek Source. Please post thoughts, comments, questions, screenshots, etc. in here. We will be attending to these forums now instead of the IGG pages due to ease of use for both LHL and backers. 

Same rules as before: professional-esque discussion over the campaign and LHL is welcome. Personal attacks will not be tolerated and will be deleted. Profanity: try to keep it PG, please. 

There is no "quote" function on the forum but I am working with Freshdesk support to see if there is a workaround. But this will be infinitely better than the old system at IGG where there was no ability to edit posts, a character count, no way to post screens, etc. 

We look forward to hearing from you around the forums! 

- Jarek

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Full pics of the Source. There are some screws missing and since I know certain people will ask if the screws will be missing when they receive that unit, no, your units will ship with all screws included. 

The gold feet got a very bad response, so they switched to shorter silver feet which were not installed for the picture. 

Also, note this the SE version, so the regular units won't have the red color, LH logo or diamond shape on the sides. 

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Two Months since update.  Indiegogo requires monthly updates.  any true business has production plan and parts on order to meet that plan.  Why No plan?

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Customer Service,

Two Months since update.  Indiegogo requires monthly updates.  any true business has production plan and parts on order to meet that plan.  Why No plan?

hi jarek.  i have ordered a source SE and waiting for the product like everyone else.  is the product officially dead?  it would be good to know so we can all move on.  

thank you,


Paul. I did move on as I do not want to wait any longer. I replaced Wave by a Sony NW-WM1Z I had at a very good price. VI DAC by a Sony TA-ZH1ES which is a great DAC but there is many other "affordable" options out there. Source will be replaced by a PC equiped with either Jcat or SOtM cards. Filters and selected components for Hifi use. If by miracle I get my LH Labs gear I will keep what I prefer. But the Source will go for sale for sure as I want to use JRiver or Audirvana. I believe Jarek helped as much as he can. But he can not do more than what Larry delivers.

拖足四年,何先生連道歉都欠奉, 何先生無恥便無敵啊!

@Paul It's still alive and I'll post more when I have that information. 

Given how far behind schedule every one of these products is, the lack of regular updates is entirely unacceptable.  We have all provided a tremendous amount of money to fund these projects.  Asking for regular and frequent updates until these products are delivered is not asking for much.  Why is LH Labs unable to accomplish that?  The lack of communication simply compounds the problem.

okay thank you, i will remain hopeful then.  


I’m hopeful too. In much the same way as I hope there really is a Santa Claus.

Santa has elves to make the toys, not sure any elves are around or have any parts.  I assume a qualified elf could make at least one product a day, so we should have heard of 30 of something being shipped.

Here’s something to think about: what if the Geek Source is not being shipped because it doesn’t work as advertised! No one has received one so it’s plausible. There are tons of music streamers out there and the competition is fierce, so perhaps LH Labs swung at the ball and whiffed! Of course some may point at the Light Harmonic streamer (really a Geek Source in sheep’s clothing) recently reviewed by StereoTimes and suggest the concept works. But perhaps that was a one off. Hmmm…

Magically, this update is somewhere - indiegogo has the link to the source

Source Update 9/5/18

Modified on: Wed, 5 Sep, 2018 at 3:18 AM

Hey everyone, 

Here is the latest news for this campaign: 

For the Source Signature, we have completed the Asia backers' orders shipping out from Singapore. Now we have 18 more to go in the USA and Europe.

The Toradex SOM board delayed the shipping. It should be here in two weeks, then we will finish building/shipping these SE versions out. 

Regarding the software, the current the version is already upgraded to 1.03  (originally is 1.01) which every new unit will include. Next main version 1.1 will add Roon support too. Currently the feedback from backers who received the Source are generally positive on software. But we received some good suggestions too and will add those suggestions/features in 1.04 and 1.05. 

When we have more information over the shipment and development, we'll let everyone know!

The entire LHL team

More of the same bullsh*t...

Did any units ship as promised in the last month?

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so we have waited 2 months for the SOM board to complete the project?

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