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Hi everyone, I am opening a thread here for all IGG backers (and other guests) to comment on the project, ask questions, post screenshots if needed, etc. As I explained in IGG, this will be a much easier place to hold discussion. The character count is unlimited, alerts to LHL staff will be given on new posts, and you can edit posts as well. I'm currently checking with FreshDesk staff on how to allow quotes on the forum. 

Again, same rules as before via IGG: the only time a post will be deleted is if it gets into personal attack territory. If you discuss LHL business practices, I don't have a problem with that. 

We look forward to hearing from you and advancing the conversation! 

- Jarek

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That is just to fulfill IGG requirements. I suggest you do some is all a smokescreen.

If you can provide some links to information, that would be beneficial, but for now, I'll not don the tinfoil hat yet.  Yours looks nice though....

Links aren't permitted on these forums...I'm sure you can of luck! Everyone else knows what's going on....give it a try!!


try these:


as you can see....LHLabs is a total gong show...happy reading!



For anyone anywhere defrauded by LHL: file your losses here for a legal complaint  in process:

To learn about this spreadsheet, search audiophilestyle website for "LHL"
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