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Hi everyone, I am opening a thread here for all IGG backers (and other guests) to comment on the project, ask questions, post screenshots if needed, etc. As I explained in IGG, this will be a much easier place to hold discussion. The character count is unlimited, alerts to LHL staff will be given on new posts, and you can edit posts as well. I'm currently checking with FreshDesk staff on how to allow quotes on the forum. 

Again, same rules as before via IGG: the only time a post will be deleted is if it gets into personal attack territory. If you discuss LHL business practices, I don't have a problem with that. 

We look forward to hearing from you and advancing the conversation! 

- Jarek

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The boards are still in the hardware testing phase. There were some minor issues with voltages/current found that Larry is actively working on fixing. Assuming all goes well with that, the boards will be sent over to the software guys in Berkeley. No exact timeline on the fixes, but Larry doesn't seem too concerned with the hardware issues and expects everything to fully work fine once tweaked. 

I watched the video of Wave's UI, and have one question.

When an album consists of two disks, can Wave handle these properly in its album view?


Song1 of disk1

Song2 of disk1

Song3 of disk1

Song1 of disk2

Song2 of disk2


Song1 of disk1

Song1 of disk2

Song2 of disk1

Song2 of disk2

Song3 of disk1

@Patty They show up in your BigCommerce account here:

Open up a ticket and send me all of your receipt information and billing/shipping/phone number because I don't see you in my system as having an order. (It probably got lost in the system transition) When I get those, I can rebuild your invoice and send it to you. 

Wait, where is your order supposed to show up? This includes the geek wave too right

@Chris According to what I've been told, the 20G board is a 10G USB cable with a Lightspeed Revive integrated into it. 

Regarding the update from 11/12 January: What is s "20G board"?

This is my 4th attempt to get a confirmation of my order. 1st was logging a ticket at the support page, 2nd at GW IGG site and 3rd at an LHLab forum.

It seems like customer support created this forum thread so perhaps I'll get a reply from here.


I created a ticket requesting order confirmation. I also posted at GW IGG requesting confirmation. I'm reposting here coz I really don't know now the best way to communicate to LHLabs.


Hi Jarek,

I created a ticket at the LHLabs support site. It seems all my previous tickets are no longer listed. I only relied on a very old email confirmation of my order back in August 2015 from a certain Gina Stewart.The email attachment has all the details of my order.

Can you confirm my order? The ticket number is #43705.

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@Bill Larry is in Asia. Hopefully dealing with the board situation personally. i asked and no one could give me information over what he's doing there. I'll give you guys information as soon as I get it. Last I heard, he was sick over the Christmas weekend with a pretty severe cold that I understand he is recovering from. 

Was Larry able to get the boards the manufacturer refused to ship? Or maybe Larry's friend went to get them? If neither, the I guess the beta boards won't be here any time soon. Where is Larry anyway and who is running the company?

Good afternoon, 

Are there some specs for the M.2 slot, which type / length / capacity are supported?  

Also if there are multiple memory installed simultaneously, are they detected as JBOD, or will they seen as a single large storage (SD+SD+M.2)?

I apologize if this has been asked before, I didn't see it in a cursory browse, or know if things have changed.


What is big commerce web address please

@Bill I am told more information is coming sometime next week over the boards. 

As far as LH Labs projects being worked on in-house physically over a table, that would be the Vi DAC boards and and the Wave software. As you all know, the Pulse Infinity is waiting to be produced after the current run of Da Vinci boards.  

Has Larry gotten back to you or is he still MIA?

@Markus No, boards have not arrived, and I am told we are actively working on a solution. When more information is available, I'll post it. 

@Markus the 150 tickets were just relating to Wave 64 GFO and other tickets people decided to create based on the GFO update. Most  involve their orders not showing up correctly in BigCommerce. 

I imagine we'll continue to put out surveys after this, as it seems every time we ask people to check their orders, more and more people contact us back stating they don't see their orders or if they do see their orders, they're wrong. So I go in and fix those and make everyone happy. 

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