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Hi everyone, I am opening a thread here for all IGG backers (and other guests) to comment on the project, ask questions, post screenshots if needed, etc. As I explained in IGG, this will be a much easier place to hold discussion. The character count is unlimited, alerts to LHL staff will be given on new posts, and you can edit posts as well. I'm currently checking with FreshDesk staff on how to allow quotes on the forum. 

Again, same rules as before via IGG: the only time a post will be deleted is if it gets into personal attack territory. If you discuss LHL business practices, I don't have a problem with that. 

We look forward to hearing from you and advancing the conversation! 

- Jarek

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Hey guys,

can you give us any comeback at all regards this issue with the Pulse put in several months ago..

still waiting for feedback and hopefully some detail on how to master reset the unit..

Please God Give Us a Sign

Yours interminably

a previously well-satisfied customer ;)

Thank You!

Here's the carbon fiber backing LHL is working with the factory on right now for Wave. Not sure which one they'll pick yet. I'll probably throw this in the next official update, but here it is in case anyone wants to see it now.

Fiber Backing.jpg

Hi Jarek, Are you sure it’s carbon fiber instead of Plastic?

@Cheung Hon Wah    

The plastic I posted is just a window part or a small part of the REAL carbon fiber, which will allow the antenna for wifi/bluetooth to work. So you're getting full carbon fiber except for a small window/patch which allow the wireless signals to come through. LHL is working with the factory to find a piece of plastic that will blend well with the real carbon fiber backing.

So on page 9 I was told to open a ticket because my order wasn't there. Back in january I did get a reply on that ticket:

" I did find you in the IGG system. At this point, the Wave 32 is no longer being produced. Instead, the Wave 64 is being produced. This will require an upgrade as mentioned on IGG. I will work on getting that price for you and you can let us know if you're interested. 

I'll email you back when I have that information. 


Back in may I still hadn't received anything, so I had been searching in my mailbox and added my conversation from 2015 in my reply.

"Thank you for letting me know that and I appreciate your honesty. Just between you and me, I'll go ahead and upgrade you at no cost seeing as you've been a loyal backer for over a year now. :-) I'll update your account to reflect this. Good luck and be on the look out for more updates regarding your Wave 64 as it goes into production in the next upcoming months."

I had declined the upgrade and requested my money back, because I had no need and no money for the upgrade. 

And ever since may I still haven't gotten anything back. So I would like to hear more about this.

By the way, is there any updates regarding the Wave development?

Yeah. 4 months is too long for an update. Monthly will be good. Small and frequent updates are better than long periods of silent...just to let us know LHLabs is still open for business.

Thank you for updating at 2019/01/23 !

If the remaining issues are only about software, please consider to ship hardwares as soon as possible with  the beta version's software. I believe that updated softwares can be provided and updated via your support site.

By the way, the uploaded picture of the board seems quite different from what we have seen before. Is it for the Wave? The mechanical switch or the cable connector on the right side are not for the mobile devices, aren't they?


I cannot seems to find the update info dated 2019/01/23?

Can you post link?



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Thanks KM

Post your questions you’d like to see answered in a Q&A session. Keep in mind: 
Any questions you submit may or may not be edited (or included) for brevity, clarity, and for civility.

I have a support ticket open for a few weeks now, but maybe someone knows the answer. The website I was directed to 2 years ago to log in and see my Wave order — — apparently no longer exists. So while I wait in hope for an update saying the units are ready to ship, where has the order status info moved to?

@Vince the site was taken down to save money on our end. The orders are still accessible and able to be updated by LH Labs, but the accounts cannot be accessed by customers at this time. We'll let you know when it's open again. If you need copies of the invoices, we can send them to you again. 

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