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Hi everyone, I am opening a thread here for all IGG backers (and other guests) to comment on the project, ask questions, post screenshots if needed, etc. As I explained in IGG, this will be a much easier place to hold discussion. The character count is unlimited, alerts to LHL staff will be given on new posts, and you can edit posts as well. I'm currently checking with FreshDesk staff on how to allow quotes on the forum. 

Again, same rules as before via IGG: the only time a post will be deleted is if it gets into personal attack territory. If you discuss LHL business practices, I don't have a problem with that. 

We look forward to hearing from you and advancing the conversation! 

- Jarek

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Design of Wave Station finished yet or still have to wait for Wave into production? No news another than just waiting 5 beta in November?

When I have news over the beta boards arriving, I'll announce it. Hopefully this week. The Wave Station I'm unsure. I'll check on that for you and let you know when I have something. 

Questions for @Larry

- Can you explain what the differences are and the length of time between a beta stage and pre-production stage? 

- What can we expect as a time frame to get this product finished? 

- What unit types will be made for beta? 

- Are all components ready to go from these beta units? 

- Average time frame for regular production of Wave units? 

- What changes can come from beta testing? 

I opened a support ticket regarding my Geek Pulse Infinity 20 days ago and no staff has noticed it yet. Please have somebody pick it up as soon as possible.

@Art Thanks for the heads up. It's in the queue and I'm working through tickets. If you didn't get a response, you weren't ignored. It just didn't get looked at. There are many tickets in there being addressed at this time. 

I am hoping to get some detailed information as to when the beta boards shipped, their eta, build time for the beta units and how long the beta period is. Can you please detail this process

@Bill still working on this. We'll let you know when we have that information. 

Just checking in.

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Well over a month without an update, which is where most backers get informed. I hear talk of beta boards that only Larry seems to understand. What exactly has been happening with progress and when can we expect an official update? I thought they were supposed to become more frequent.

@Simon still waiting on delivery to our office of the Wave boards. They're done, they got shipped late from the factory. 

Given that the boards have been "advertised" as being "on their way" for so time now, perhaps post when they were shipped. What is the capacity of this company to produce these boards anyway? How many per month can they provide to LHL?
Seriously where are the boards coming from mars ? How long does the shipping take from China to US (my assumption) but where ever on earth it should not take months unless Larry is walking with them himself ? Can you be open to backers here and clearly post the dated it was posted and from where to where ?

These specific boards are coming from Taiwan to Roseville, CA. Usually they're supposed to take around 5 days to reach us. When I have more details over the shipment itself, we'll definitely share that. We aren't trying to "hide" anything, I just don't have news to share. 

This particular factory is not being used by us anymore after the prototype boards are delivered, so we shouldn't have the delays we're experiencing any more. We are probably going to receive them within the next 10 days or so. We'll let you know the moment when they arrive. 

Thank you. Has another manufacturer been contracted to do the boards after the beta testing then? If you know one has, where are they located and can they produce the volume required?
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